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We strive to deliver an exceptional experience for both players and parents. To make this possible, we have outlined a player and parent Code of Conduct: 


Players must ensure their conduct reflects respect, fair play, and sportsmanship. The expectations for players in this organization are as follows:

  • Showing up to games and practices prepared with all the necessary equipment (shoes, water, ball, jersey) and a positive attitude.

  • Being an example to your teammates, other players, coaches, and organizations when it comes to respect, sportsmanship, fair play, and cooperation.

  • Do not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety, or well being of a spectator, player, participant, league officials, or any other attendee.

  • Always use appropriate language whether it be at practice, during a game, out in the community, and especially on social media.

  • Do not engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any parent, player, participant, league official or any other attendee

  • Maintain positive interactions with officials and respect the calls. 

  • Be a source of encouragement and support to all players by applauding their efforts and never attempting to isolate or embarrass  any players with discouraging or sarcastic remarks

  • Be a good sport - win with modesty, lose with dignity. 

  • Recognize and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, parents, match officials, and administrators in providing the opportunity for you to play the game and enjoy the sporting environment. ​​


​It’s of the utmost importance for parents and guardian(s) to set the standard of excellence when it comes to sportsmanship, respect, and fair play. It is our expectation that parents will:

  • Affirm your child and their teammates when good character, healthy sportsmanship, and other centered behaviors are displayed. Do not affirm only their athletic performance or a victory. 

  • Serve as role models for our players by talking politely and acting courteously toward coaches, officials, other parents, visiting team parents, and spectators at practices, games, and meetings.

  • Model good sportsmanship. Acknowledge and applaud the efforts of team members and opponents. Accept defeat graciously by congratulating the members of the opposing team on a game well played. Support the team regardless of how much or how little your son plays or what the win-loss record is.

  • Encourage your child and his teammates with positive statements, even when they make mistakes. 

  • Refrain from boasting about your child’s accomplishments.

  • Always use appropriate language at all times.

  • Have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, intimidation, or volatile behavior displayed by parents or players.

  • Conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner while in attendance at practices or games and will not attempt to interfere with the efforts of the coaching staff.

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